Using Stickers to Help Students with Dynamics


All you need:

Stickers! ūüôā

What to do:

Simply have  your student place stickers at the points in the song where the dynamics change. Not only can this help them get to know a new song better, but it can also bring some color contrast to the black and white page, and work as a helpful reminder as they play. This exercise might be especially good for a visual learner who is having a hard time connecting to the feel of the song.


What is one of your favorite ways to help students emphasize dynamics?


Free Piano Theory Coloring Sheets

Free Paino Coloring Sheets

Coloring pages are¬†a fun way to reinforce theory lessons woth your students that like to color. Below are lnks to free theory coloring sheets that I’ve found:

Color the Flower Petals

Color by Note Flowers

Color by Note–Hot Air Balloon

Rhythm Hidden Picture

Color by Note Rocket Ship

Color by Note Snowman