Humor Can Help You Teach

Laughter lightens the air.

We don’t want our students tuning us out as we drone on about piano theory.

When one of my students was trying to remember which rest was a half rest or a whole rest, we came up with a silly visual trick to help her remember.

The Half Hat (aka Half Rest)


The Whole Beard (aka Whole Rest)


From that time of laughter, there was something to learn.

Doodle. Laugh. Don’t be all serious.

Humor can help you teach.


2 thoughts on “Humor Can Help You Teach

  1. I agree. Funny stories are better remembered. Since I use the English system, to us those rests are: Minim the money who lies along a branch, give him 2 marks; and Semibreve the Sloth who hangs from a branch but doesn’t fall — that’s a more clever trick so we’ll give him 4 marks.

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