4 Simple Things that Can Make a Big Difference in a Piano Lesson


1) Pray a short prayer with your student before starting the lesson–If your student is a like-minded Believer, this is a wonderful way to welcome God’s presence to your time of learning together about the wonderful gift of music that He has given us. Thank Him for their talent, hard work, and for who they are. Thank Him for music. Ask Him to bless your teaching and their learning.

2) Encourage your student–Even if it’s something small, try to encourage them often that they’re improving. Pay attention to their hard work, and thank them for it.

3) Have a good attitude–Are you excited about teaching them? If you aren’t, they can probably tell. If they feel like your just “filling your 30 minute slot” with them, then they likely won’t pick up the excitement to learn with you. Make them feel appreciated and be positive.

4) Be humble–If you don’t have an answer to one of their questions, admit it, and then research it to share next time. Share stories from your past about certain songs/aspects of learning that you struggled with. Be down-to-earth, and connect on their level.

What are some teaching tips that you’ve discovered that have helped you?


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